Saturday, 29 March 2014

Garden shots

So with less than 3 weeks to go before I head up to the North East coast, I am starting to worry a little. Do I have the right equipment? Am I able to take ok photos?  Yes, I take photos and am just starting to have to confidence in myself that I can take good ones. I am thinking of hiring a wide angled lens for the holiday, just to try something new (and because I don't have much faith in my current distance lens). But, saying this, I have taken both my lenses out in the garden today and got some ok shots (pretty much bulk standard ones, in terms of the photography world).

I have also found that many people don't click the link to this blog. Some make make the excuse that they don't have time others have no excuse. So I am no longer surprised when I ask people if they have seen the photos on my blog that they give me a puzzled look. It's tough, I write in this blog to record my thoughts about where I am with my photography. I don't expect people to sit and read through all my ramblings, but maybe just to have a look at the photos. I am going to keep going with this but potentially post my photos individually on Facebook, just to reach a wider audience. Thank you to those that do take the time to have a read and a look, it is greatly appreciated and helpful. 

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