Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Heading back to film?

It has been a little while since I last posted on here, and there have been a few developments.

I have finally given in after a couple of months and am going to get my smaller lens repaired, I really miss having autofocus. It is so frustrating to take photos, only to look at them on my laptop to find most are out of focus, due to the millimeters that I turned the lens.

I have also put more 35mm film into my old school camera, hoping for slightly better results this time round - camera is no good at all with close-ups! With going back to film, I once again find myself carefully thinking about what photos I want to take - only have 24 chances to get a good photo! With using film, you have to way up the price of film and the cost of processing it! Anyone know of anyone with a dark room?!

With using film, I keep thinking back to the camera that I once spotted in Urban Outfitters, a little like this:
And I am now considering getting a cheap one, just to see the effects it could create or putting an out of date film into a 35mm camera.

I have recently been on holiday to Austria and decided to create a photo book with the better (I hope) photos that I have taken, I opted for a small book with a soft cover, to keep the prices down. Also had a £10 money off voucher, so I thought I might as well use it.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Backing up photos

I have started the long task of sorting and backing up all my photos on my laptop. I was quite surprised to find that I had at least four copies of some of my photos stored in different files spread throughout my C drive, by deleting the other 3 copies I will at least free up some space on my hard drive. It was interesting to be reminded of all the things that I have done and great things that I have seen.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Photo publishing

I had a fantastic weekend away taking many photos in Weymouth and Portland. I shot some landscapes, action shots and photos that I will change into multiplicity pictures.

Now I am wondering where I can publish some of the better photographs. I have decided to no longer publish photographs on F'book after doing some research into who has the rights to the photos. I currently do not have my own website and find some other photo hosting websites thoroughly frustrating and upload limits constraining.

There are so many amateur photographers out there, that do not share with others the fantastic quality of the photos they are taking. There is no easy, fuss free and inexpensive way of doing this (please someone prove me wrong!) that I have found. Maybe it is time for another exhibition!