Saturday, 29 March 2014

Garden shots

So with less than 3 weeks to go before I head up to the North East coast, I am starting to worry a little. Do I have the right equipment? Am I able to take ok photos?  Yes, I take photos and am just starting to have to confidence in myself that I can take good ones. I am thinking of hiring a wide angled lens for the holiday, just to try something new (and because I don't have much faith in my current distance lens). But, saying this, I have taken both my lenses out in the garden today and got some ok shots (pretty much bulk standard ones, in terms of the photography world).

I have also found that many people don't click the link to this blog. Some make make the excuse that they don't have time others have no excuse. So I am no longer surprised when I ask people if they have seen the photos on my blog that they give me a puzzled look. It's tough, I write in this blog to record my thoughts about where I am with my photography. I don't expect people to sit and read through all my ramblings, but maybe just to have a look at the photos. I am going to keep going with this but potentially post my photos individually on Facebook, just to reach a wider audience. Thank you to those that do take the time to have a read and a look, it is greatly appreciated and helpful. 

And more from today:

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Arboretums are just for trees?

After driving past the arboretum everyday on my way to and from work, I decided to pop in and have a look at the daffodils that I could see from the road. I took my SLR and my trusty Iphone with me and managed to get some ok shots.

There was one major difference when I came to reviewing my photos, this time I could tell the difference between the SLR and Iphone shots. I had mentioned to a friend a few months back when I was 'pro Iphone' photos that I could not tell the difference and he insisted that you can, now after looking through them, I know what he means. So, some of these photos are from my Iphone but the majority are from my SLR. Have a look through and enjoy, I have naturally added some shots that I like, that I know aren't every ones cup of tea.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Night photos

After being told the one photo that I put up on Facebook of my night photographs was boring, I am intrigued to see what people think of these.

We had a few hours in Oxford at the Bodleian library, starting at twilight and then at Oxford castle. On this night there was a full moon but after overhearing discussions about how to get the moon more 'moon like', I opted for the easier photos of the night sky. 

I throughly enjoyed this evening even if I did start out with a wonky tripod which has meant refreshing my skill of how to rotate and then crop photos.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Night photography

Have just come in from an awesome evening in Oxford taking photos in the dark. Photos will follow shortly (as was suffering from a wonky tripod) as some editing needs to take place.

One thing I have found after the course (and which I should have asked whilst there), is how do you get good pictures of the moon?! The best I've got is a white blob on a black background, or a starburst effect which could have been taken during the day of the sun (somehow).

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Enjoying this

So this is my second post on tonight. Am making use of having some wifi and having some photos to put on here.

I went to The Photography Show today in Birmingham. One of the reasons for me going was to see the IGPOTY 'garden' for all the seasons. In the back of one of the halls, there were people hovering and kneeling beside a variety of flowers in a garden. There was even a little fake snow for winter. Here in the garden, I got out my SLR and took photos from above (just like everyone else), messed around with the settings and realised I didn't know what I was doing, so just put my camera on a setting that I wanted (that may not have been the best for the lighting/distance/subject) and shot away. It took me a while to figure out what it was I wanted. I didn't want photos from above, even though this is how I started, but everyone was doing that. So, I got down low, shoot through the leaves (blind, as still can't figure out how to get the 'live' settings on my LCD screen) and looking up.

These are the results. Have to say I'm pretty impressed. Happy with what my SLR has achieved and I might even consider taking it out on my next outing with me.