Monday, 7 April 2014

Mission: Support a crew

Date: 6/4/14
Place: Devizes, then along the canal to Newbury
Time: 7.30am (Devizes) till 2.30pm (Newbury)
Mission: Provide snacks and drinks to two kayakers, whilst they paddle 35 miles along the canal.
Potential issues:
*Loss of boat,
*Getting the munchies and eating all the snacks,
*Getting lost,
*Car breaking down,
*Hitting wildlife,
*Falling into canal,
*Losing camera equipment down hill,
*Upsetting locals,
*Snacks being eaten by wildlife,
*Giving the drinks to the wrong crew members,
*Turning up at the wrong locks

The start

Horton bridge

All Cannings

Some of the other competitors

K1 next year Mark?

 Jen reminding support crews where to feed there crews (not on the water!)

Further down the canal in the rain

Almost there Kintbury

What the kayakers missed

*Jen and Mark for letting me support you
*The locals dogs that I met along the way for not eating the snacks
*The marshal who kept an eye on my stuff whilst I scrambled down a bank to retrieve my lens hood
*To the lady next to me who I didn't have to rescue after she stumbled on the river bank
*To Jen for informing me that I was at the wrong lock

*Mark, I filled your bottle at one point with what I thought was water, turns out it was one of Jen's electrolyte drinks
*To the poor animal that decided to cross the road in front of my car
*The crew for trying to tell them they were at the last lock, when in fact I had turned up at the wrong lock