Saturday, 21 May 2011

Cars, monkeys and celebrities

It has been another busy month so far. With various events and photography going on. This last weekend we went to Snetterton race track in Norfolk. Tom helped out a formula 3 team whilst I was able to take photos and try to keep out of their way. It was a pretty amazing weekend and I am very grateful to Sino Vision Racing for allowing me to be part of the team.

We have also recently been to Woburn Safari Park and the GoApe there. After taking photos of various animals (and getting my car aerial broken by a hungry monkey), we climbed the trees on the GoApe course. When meeting the rest of the group that we would be briefed with, Tom thought he recognised one of the group, it turned out to be Steve Perez, rally car driver and owner of the VK drinks brand, small world.

I have started my photography exhibition course. At the moment we bring a selection of potential photos to the group and have them critiqued. I think that I have finally found a theme, just need to get it ok-ed on Monday night.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Yet another camera

It feels like it has been ages since I last wrote here. Last time I posted about the benefits of using film. I have had the film developed from my 'old school' camera, the results weren't that amazing and the benefits of being able to review the shot and delete if needed would have been appreciated and saved some film for more well thought out photos.

I am currently waiting on a delivery of a new Pentax compact camera to replace my 3.8 mega pixel camera that I am currently using. I love my Pentax and the only reason that I am up grading is due to the picture clarity of 10+ mega pixel cameras. This will put my camera tally up to 6 (if you include the waterproof disposable one), almost one for everyday of the week.

Also, I have decided to get one of my free prints professionally mounted. It is costing a fair bit, but hopefully will look good for it.

I saw a competition in the local paper yesterday asking for photos of why we love Bicester. Am now racking my brains to think of a reason or two why this place is ok to live in, that would make a good photograph that no-one else has thought of (see above for one of my possible entries). Any ideas anyone?