Friday, 19 February 2016

New thinking

My apologies, it has been far too long since I have done anything amazing/special/great with this blog. When I think about the neglect I have shown this blog I think back to conversations that I had with fellow bloggers and promises we made, so guys where are your updates?! It is far too easy to say that life gets busy and make excuses.

What has actually been happening in the world of my photography? Well, not a huge amount. I have finally finished my second year of taking a photo a day. This time, I was ready to be finished. I was thinking about restarting it for a few days, but no, I opted not to do it for a third year. The pressure is now off, I can take and post photos of what I want, no stress (and be able to go out and enjoy life and microadventures)

Night 1 of adventuring

Moring 2 of adventuring