Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Deja vu?!

So, the title of this blog is 'deja vu'
I am still very proud of the work that I created for the exhibition and enjoying seeing it up around my parents place. I will also have some of it (what I haven't sold, given away) when I finally settle in a place to live. I also love the photos I took when I gatecrashed an event in Southbank.

Other people's events

Exhibition photos

Every time I open up my blog to see how it actually looks in real time, I am reminded of a phase in my life when I fell in love with a place in London. Actually, I lie, I still love the place. Where is this place? Well, I have photos throughout my blog and posts about it.... it's the Southbank skate park and Leake Road. I love the fact that things change every time that I am there, the graffiti can change on an hourly basis or yearly basis. Watching the artists at their work is amazing, there is skill in using those spray cans - layers of paint and textures, crisp outlines and sharp colours.

Being a tourist, I only get a glimpse of the life of the skate park once or twice a year. One of the niggles (for me), is that the life of the park goes through phases. This could be due to the bigger picture of the skate park or London. This doesn't sound like much, but wandering around you get a sense of how loved the place is at that moment in time. The last time I was there, people were busy trying to save the park and fingers crossed they have achieved this. I have been done during the year of the London Olympics and the golden jubilee, it was nice to see graffiti up representing us as a British nation.

Theses are photos taken earlier this year (yes, unfortunately with my Iphone)

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Alnmouth 2

Day 4
Holy Island
(I know there are a few spots on some of these photos, I will get round to fixing them at some point, just not yet)

Day 5
The journey home

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Alnmouth 1

Finally, I have found a little bit of time and a place with reliable broadband. Time to upload photos, type a few words and enjoy a cuppa.

Ok, so after starting this blog post, I have found that I still cannot cut down on what I think are good photos, this has resulted in me only getting half way through going on about my trip to Alnmouth before wanting to give up for today.

Day 1
Arriving in Alnmouth

Day 2

Day 3