Thursday, 30 June 2011

Uploaded photos

Have finally put my exhibition photos onto Facebook, we will now see what interest they get there. I am hoping to sell a few (it not all) prints.

In case somehow you managed to find yourself here, and missed the photos on my profile, here they are again.

The prints received very good verbal reviews during the exhibition. I am pleased with the results, someone asked me how many years work I had presented. It was nothing like a years work, two months work at most. So, I do wonder what I could achieve if I keep these photos going for a year. I most certainly would like to head back to South Bank in London, get to know some graffiti artists and even look at graffiti removal to add a slightly different aspect to it all.

Now, time to think about what to do next

(Also, let me know if you would like a copy of any of these prints)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

What next?

So the exhibition is over. I felt a little sad taking it down at the end, I wanted to leave it up for longer, for more people to see it.

I am very pleased with the project that I completed in the short time, and the way that I managed to present the work. It wasn't something that I would have usually tried to photograph. I received fantastic feedback from the exhibition and know that people really liked my photos (have already had a request for a print).

Someone asked me an important question during the private viewing on Friday night. 'What next?', at the time I was unable to answer this. I did not know how to move on from the point of exhibiting photos, and almost a week later I am still unsure.

There are many different directions that I can now go: another exhibition by myself, doing another photography course, joining a photography club or trying to join the royal photographic society. Lots of different directions, am going to take some time and have a think which way I would like to go.


Friday, 24 June 2011

Pre Exhibition Nerves

Tonight is the opening night of the photography exhibition. I am really hoping that I have got everything prepared and ready just to go up on the boards, I have a car full of photos, cutting equipment, wallpaper and sticking items. I am hoping that the smell of solvents will disappear from my house over the weekend.

I think tonight will go well. Photos will follow soon.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


My photo was chosen to be on the poster for the photography exhibition!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

All good so far

The exhibition is fast approaching. I took some photos along on Monday for other exhibitors to scrutinise. Thankfully things went well, with one of my photos potentially being on the poster that is being designed for the event and the course leader saying that she could imagine my photos in a Sunday supplement.

Hopefully will get the same response this week, I have had enough of hanging around slightly dodgy looking places trying to capture photos of graffiti!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tom, I think we need a bigger house

I have finally got my free print home! Now that I have had it mounted all I need to do is find a wall that is big enough in the house, so am thinking that I need to move to a bigger place to accommodate my photo prints!

I am a few weeks into my exhibition course. I have picked a subject and am busy taking photos around various 'lovely' places in a variety of cities. I am having to learn fast though after somehow damaging my lens, (the man in Jessops thinks a lose connection is to blame) and not having time to get it sent off to be fixed. So I find myself wandering around slightly dodgy areas trying to create the right composition for a photo, with the right aperture levels and now having it all in focus (yes, it is the auto focus which is broken and I did always rely on it). It is proving slightly more tricky than I thought (with lots of thoughts of 'yes that looks in focus, only to view them on a computer and think, oh maybe not then).

The exhibition will be in Whitney on the weekend of the 25th June, so if you are around pop in and have a look around.