Saturday, 24 December 2011

"Hello GoPro"

One of the things about having a friend who is a very keen photographer is that, sometimes, if you are very very lucky they may lend you one of their cameras. With the camera in a large bag I currently have 6 pages of typed instructions, 5 different camera cases, at least 4 different types of mount and a few cables. How many cameras do you know of that need to have their own bouyancy aid? "Hello, GoPro".

These are the photos (and 2 videos) from two days of kayaking with a GoPro in tow (well stuck to the boat). As with all photography we are always striving to do something different - to get a different angle to promote interest.

Tom's video clips:
K1 200m sprint

Tom and Jamie K2 200m sprint

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sorry Mum and Dad, I can't come home today because..... (2010)

I am not certain this is my car
this is the road out of Bicester
I have run out of bread for my sandwiches
I can't actually see the road
there is lots of snow on my driveway
and around my car
I am lost
oh, maybe not
it is still snowing

This is a series of photos that I took last year and uploaded to Facebook. Strange to think that a year ago people were mass buying bread from Tescos and struggling to get anywhere.

(And one for luck)

Thursday, 8 December 2011


November is over and I guess that it is time to let you know how last month's photographs went. I was having a simple competition with Tom to see who could take the best photos for a month. His underlying reason, was to try and get me to take better photos.

The competition well and truly failed after Tom managed to take 1 photo on day 1 and that was it. I continued to take photos throughout the month but have once again slipped into the process of taking a photo merely for the sake of taking a photo.

I am now halfway through taking a photo everyday for a year. Things are slowly improving, the number of blurred and out of focus photos has reduced as I am now spending just a few seconds more retaking a shot.

Here are my favourites from November