Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tom, I think we need a bigger house

I have finally got my free print home! Now that I have had it mounted all I need to do is find a wall that is big enough in the house, so am thinking that I need to move to a bigger place to accommodate my photo prints!

I am a few weeks into my exhibition course. I have picked a subject and am busy taking photos around various 'lovely' places in a variety of cities. I am having to learn fast though after somehow damaging my lens, (the man in Jessops thinks a lose connection is to blame) and not having time to get it sent off to be fixed. So I find myself wandering around slightly dodgy areas trying to create the right composition for a photo, with the right aperture levels and now having it all in focus (yes, it is the auto focus which is broken and I did always rely on it). It is proving slightly more tricky than I thought (with lots of thoughts of 'yes that looks in focus, only to view them on a computer and think, oh maybe not then).

The exhibition will be in Whitney on the weekend of the 25th June, so if you are around pop in and have a look around.