Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Amongst the tulips

I am still surprised by the number of blog views I had here the other day. It's amazing what a little bit of publicity can do. I have never got over 100 page views in one day before. Ok, so some bloggers get thousands of page views day, but I don't go round shouting how good I think I am, I'm just not that sort of person. I also understand that, that number of page views cannot be maintained at the moment, but hopefully a few/couple of people will stick around and see what is going on.
I owe a big thank-you to Mark Rainsley (, who was the person in the back of the kayak in the last blog post, who wanted to show his friends what he had been up to on a wet Sunday in April. I think we are now equal after I fed him hot cross buns and made sure he had enough water throughout the race. I also think (hope), that some of the photos from the last post will also be used in my kayak club's newsletter. 

I am still unsure of my unique selling point, but I am happy with that. I take photos of things that capture my eye, whether it is a kayak race or a flower in the garden. Maybe at some point I will settle..... maybe. (My background keeps reminding me that I have more photos to put up from a short trip I took to London)

I also mentioned to a friend that I would mention him on here, a tiny bit of extra publicity for him (here's a link to his website). If anyone is round York this evening, he is taking part in an open mic tonight tonight.