Saturday, 6 April 2013

Theo Fennell

So Wednesday saw myself and my Dad in London on a freezing spring day, wandering around Theo Fennell jewellery stores admiring the art on display. As well as admiring the beautiful hand crafted jewellery, we were also interested in the photos that were used to brighten up the displays. Why the sudden interest in jewellery? Because Theo Fennell himself had hand picked my photographs to use in all of his stores!

The photographs were printed on a mixture of media - some being printed so that they could be back lit, others printed on vinyl and some printed on 60x60cm boards.

It was amazing to see my photographs blown up, to go beside a 200cm high mirror and in the store windows of the Fulham Road main store. A fantastic feeling seeing my photographs alongside the very expensive jewellery. And no, I am not a professional photographer and no, I do not have a photography degree. I just enjoy taking photographs and never imagined they would be in stores in London!