Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Differing opinions

Once again I am finding people surprising. I find it intriguing what different people find appealing in different photos. Why some people 'like' a photo but not others. What is it about the photo? It can't possibly be the skill, as it is me taking all the photos, maybe it is the subject, slightly different angle to what is normally seen? It can't be the instagram functions used to 'change' a photo. I am mystified.

My dilemma comes as I am trying to do more with my photos. But how can I achieve this when it appears that myself and the rest of the world have very different opinions about what is likeable in a photo. This issue has been brought to my attention twice recently. Twice I have been home to my parents and just snapped photos using my iphone and chosen to share them to the world of facebook through the wonderful instagram app. I tend to put one 'ok' (in my opinion) photo up, go away take a bit more time with some more photos then post another to facebook. It has always been my first photo that has been liked by most people, my second one tends to be ignored.

How can I move forward with my photography when it appears that people are preferring my rushed attempts? Maybe I need to employ someone to go through my photos and pick out the ones that they like, opposed to the ones I like. Would anyone like the job?!

Facebook 1. 4 likes
Facebook 2. 0 likes
Facebook 1. 5 likes, 1 comment
Facebook 2. 0 likes (photo removed)