Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sorting, sorting and giving up

One issue with having a camera where you can hold your finger on the shutter and the camera will take numerous photos for you, is that you will end up with lots of photos that are very very similar. When it comes to editing these photos I tend to have a bit of a meltdown - 'I like this photo, but this one is exactly the same so which one do I get rid off, or do I just keep them both, maybe I should look to see what is different between them, is that one slightly more in focus than this one, maybe I should just delete them both????!' I find that sorting my process is always a very long one, and one that is rarely ever finished.

I am still very much hoping that someone out there will like to do the job for me. Sort through hundreds of very similar photos and putting about 20 nice ones in a separate folder for me. Please someone, I will pay occasionally free prints.