Sunday, 12 August 2012

Olympics day 11

An early start to the day, an hour long drive south towards Slough via Abingdon and tickets to see the canoeing and kayking sprints at Eaton Dorney. Very exciting!

Being a paddler of the more stable kayaks and knowing how easy it is to end up in the water, I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed not to see any capsizes.

Here a few photos of the day. I did try messing with various elements during the morning, so hence so photos are 'better' than others. But, please bear in mind that my motivation is still not where it should be, but it is slowly, slowly increasing.

Mens K4
The underdogs for the C2 were very much the Angolan team.
Spot the Swedish supporter
Womens K2, slow shutter speed
Mens K4
Mens C2
Must be a Brit on the water

It was a great morning out and a fantastic atmosphere. Thanks to my navigator (who would now like to try her hand at sprint canoeing) and the people that didn't take up the offer of a free tickets. 

I would like to suggest to the BCU, that perhaps we can hold the Hasler kayak marathon finals here, I am sure we can find 25,000 people to cheer us on!