Monday, 27 August 2012

Olympics day 13

Day 13 of the Olympics for the my family meant a trip to the Olympic Park in Stratford, London. It was a blistering hot day which meant that we were often hunting for a little bit of shade. The site was bustling with excitement and pride from people representing a huge variety of countries.

The aquatics centre was the venue for the final of the women's 10m diving competition. We had seats high up in the stands, which gave the 50m pool the illusion of being a small paddling pool. Difficult to believe this was where  gold medals had been won.

The diving was amazing to watch, it is really difficult to understand how someone can do a handstand on the very edge of a 10m drop. After some spectacular dives, the gold medal went to a Chinese athlete. Due to flash photography distracting the divers and the distance of our seats I took very photos of the actual event, but managed to take quite a few outside of the arena.