Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Due to recent situations I haven't updated this blog in a long while. I have to admit that I lost all motivation to take photos and wasn't sure when any would return. I think that slowly, slowly it is coming back.

I now have my very own GoPro and have been trying to think of new 'angles'. There are plenty of good photographs (and videos) taken with sports cameras from a variety of positions: body cams, helmet cams, boat cams, pole cams, so I tried for something 'new', a paddle cam.

I have taken the camera out twice and mounted it on the center of my paddle, on my first attempt the battery ran out half way through my trip, on the second attempt I ended up getting my paddle stuck in a tree (ie, I moved in my boat under tree, my paddle didn't move with me), thankfully, I now know that a paddle with a GoPro still floats!!!

(My apologies for the poor layout of some of these photos, I still become very frustrated with Blogger for not allowing me to do exactly what I want with this blog)

'Is that a camera on your paddle?!'

View looking towards bottom of River Thames
Time trial start (yes, a bad start from me)