Sunday, 24 July 2011

1 photo a day

I have decided to restart my Shuttercal project again.This is were I take a photograph everyday and then upload them to a calender style website. The last time I tried this project was back in November 2009 when I managed to get photos for everyday until February 2010.

I began my project again the other week and have so far managed to cheat once (I meant to take a photo one evening, completely forgot and took one the next month and published it as the night before), but since my one slip I have managed to keep things going.

I have been discussing this topic with an American friend of mine, who I discovered had also started her own calender project at the beginning of the year, she has managed to get through to March and then 'life got busy'. You definitely need dedication to see this project through for a year, most the time we walk around with some form of camera, either on our phones, or compact cameras or our SLRs, but the action of stopping to take a photo when life is hectic is the difficult part of it.

This project came up in conversation with Tom one evening as I took a photograph of a random plant. Currently I would like to document a year of my life in photographs, but Tom feels that it's ridiculous to upload really rubbish photos just because you had to take a photo that day (and the rubbish one is all that you have). He would like me to upload my 'good' photographs that I already have stored on my laptop, almost like a mini portfolio. One way round this I guess is to have two calenders on the go, one for 1 photo a day and the other to show off a little. Do I have 365 good photos?! Guess I will have to have a look and see.