Sunday, 24 April 2011

Digital v negative

I visited my parents this Easter weekend with the thought of sharing my NI photos with my parents and showing them the results of the photos from the old Kodak. Instead I have found myself scanning into the computer old negatives from my travels abroad as a youngster. People that know me, know that I tend to misplace things on a regular basis, and I find that I do the same with my digital photo files. I save them somewhere and then cannot find them again, or I run out of space on my memory card and delete photos to make more room in the heat of the moment. But with negatives, you have a imprint of the photo and a paper copy of the print, that means there are 2 things to misplace before the photos are gone forever. There a number of photos that I have lost over the years through hard drive issues, and just accidentally deleting them. Maybe the way forward is really a step backwards, with modern technology as it is, why are we so dependent on digital? Ok, so sharper images, less hassle, but maybe we can get the same results from negatives still.