Monday, 20 June 2016

Photography Roadshow

Every once in a while a photography opportunity comes by which you cannot let pass you by. I had heard about the photography roadshow whilst googling things to do at Stowe Gardens (one of my favourite National Trust places), I put it in my diary and hoped that it wasn't just one of these events that you read about and nothing comes of. The night before, I fretted about getting there and there not being any sign of an event, or there not being any cameras to borrow, but these things thankfully didn't occur. We arrived and were greeted by a large Panasonic marquee and a wide selection of cameras to try. 

I first opted for a small, almost compact camera, as my Iphone was small and my DSLR is somewhere feeling unloved.
I struggled with a few things with this camera:
Getting the focus right, and to get the focus on the correct object.
The battery quickly ran out due to having an automatic zoom.

The second camera I tried was a bridge camera, and perhaps should have been the one I picked from the beginning. This camera just felt more right than the other. Ok, so I still couldn't get the focus spot on, but the layout was easier and I could scroll through different options easily (who knew cameras these days would have a star effect!)

I found I struggled with the focus on both these cameras, maybe it's a Panasonic thing, or maybe it's just that technology has moved on from me looking at DSLR's many years ago.

Camera 1

Camera 2