Thursday, 25 December 2014

Catch up time, well almost

It's time to start catching up with a few projects. I am still way behind blogging for this year (things were looking so good around the middle of the year, but have dwindled due to my own lack of blogging)

I still need to catch up with:
1. The rest of my American holiday photos (yes, so I can bore a few more people with photos and sunshine and water
2. Sea kayaking
3. My year in photos (yes, just as exciting as it sounds)

I am going to start with sea kayaking, as those photos are the easiest to sort

In September I spent a weekend learning about sea kayaking in the Menai Straits. I have never sat in a sea kayak before never mind paddled one. Thankfully my knowledge of wobbly flat water racing boats came in useful, as I picked the most tippy one the had on offer and felt stable in. My camera of choice (or necessity) for this trip was my GoPro (my much unused, stored away in a drawer, uncharged GoPro). Until I find/invent/get bought for me some suitable reliable waterproof housing for my Iphone, my GoPro will have to do.  So I went armed with 10 screen shots of instructions, a basic knowledge of the settings, a zip tie and a sling, all in all the photos turned out ok.

And of course where ever I go, my Iphone goes