Monday, 5 May 2014

Sunny bank holiday?!

So, I am still not quite ready to upload my Alnmouth holiday snaps just yet, due to not having an internet connection or not having the memory cards with me. I will have to come back to these at a different time. I am though, excited about sorting through them all and uploading them, as I feel that I have some good ones in amongst the thousands that I took.

I am still continuing with my 100 days photos. I did feel that I would lose motivation with this, now that there is no finish date (unless you count day 365), but there is so much to photograph out there. I still always have my phone with me and know that I can pick up my SLR and snap away with that at a moments notice. So days 119 - 121,  I went out to the countryside armed with my camera and this time was able to have more of confidence in what I felt would make a good photo. I was lucky to come across a Druid ceremony at a stone circle and read up on some history.